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I want to apologize in advance for this post. It’s more a stress-filled rant than anything. I did drank 3 cups of coffee this morning and am feeling a bit better now though…

• This week is the last week of school and Abby’s got something going on every day. Monday was summer birthday party day. Tuesday was her awards ceremony and she won a HUGE award (more about that later). Today they’re going to the planetarium and to the park for a picnic (all day field trip). Tomorrow is play day: they’re playing outside (if it doesn’t rain) all day and can bring skates, jump-ropes, etc to play with and are having their class party at 2. Friday is movie day! Woohoo!

• Yesterday after her awards ceremony, I had to bring Abby home b/c she’s got pink eye. Nice timing, huh? Ever tried to hog-tie a 5 year old, pry her eye(s) open and put 2 drops of medicine in each eye 4 TIMES A DAY FOR 5 DAYS? Yeah, it’s not fun! The psycho mama that I am used an entire can of lysol around the house yesterday too. I sprayed everything… couch, remote, telephone, Abby’s chair, her stuffed animals. Poor Abby probably won’t have any skin left after this week either… I’m making her wash her hands every 30 minutes. Now I’m lying in wait, hoping and praying that Maggie doesn’t get it too! YIKES!

• This weekend is Memorial Day and we’re going to my Dad’s up near Charlotte, NC. He just had back surgery and we’re going for the long weekend b/c he won’t be able to travel down here for a while. Patrick is on-call at work and I’m having to drive the 6+ hours BY MYSELF. Abby will watch movies the entire way. Maggie? Not so much. She HATES the car. HATES IT! Fun fun!

• My Granny isn’t doing too well and had another UTI the other day (which apparently causes dementia in the elderly), so I’m going to see her while we’re up at my Dad’s. I want o take the girls to see her b/c they love her and she hasn’t seen them in a while, but I’m afraid to… I’m afraid they’ll get scared seeing Granny like that. Maybe I’ll go by there for a few hours on Saturday and leave the girls with Dad (assess the situation) and swing back by there on our way home Monday with Abby and Maggie. STRESS!

• Patrick is going to Ireland for a week in June on business and leaving me with the 2 hooligans. This wouldn’t be too terribly bad (at least they’ll both be at the same place this summer so that I won’t have but one stop in the mornings and evenings), but the next week we’re going to Disney World. Nice timing, huh? This means that I’ll have to do all the packing and washing clothes and cleaning house by myself! Patrick returns on Friday evening, will sleep all day Saturday and then we leave Sunday morning (at the butt crack of dawn). Nice, huh?

Ok, I’m done now. You can go back to your regularly scheduled programs (whatever you do during the day).


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I don’t really have anything beefy to talk about (is “beefy” really a term? ) but several things I wanted to bore you with…

We found out tonight at soccer practice that Abby has a make-up soccer game. Make-up game? They don’t even keep score! Every kid gets a trophy, yet we feel the need to make-up the games we miss?


Our commemorative Disney maps came in the mail today and you should’ve seen the hoopla over opening them. We sat down on Abby’s bed after bath and pajamas and read every word of them. The excitement is building.


I ordered a Fodor’s travel guide called Walt Disney World with Kids 2008 and it came in the mail yesterday. On page 5 it has this helpful hint: If you have preschoolers, babies or senior citizens in the party, avoid summers like the plague. Damn!


Speaking of vacations, Patrick gets to go back to England and Ireland (again) on business for a week. They think they’re flying into either Manchester or London, taking the train to York for a few days, flying to Dublin for a day-or-so and then flying north to Belfast. When is he going? The week before we go to Disney World. He’ll be flying into Orlando to meet me – so I’ll have the kids by myself all week packing for a week-long vacation and will be driving 8 hours in the van by myself with 2 small kids. Damn!


Maggie wanted to sleep with her towel tonight. She didn’t care that it was damp from her bath earlier – she didn’t care. She wanted to sleep with it.


Maggie slept in her shoes Sunday night.  She screamed and pitched a fit when it was time to take them off, so I told Patrick I’d go back after she was asleep and remove them. Yeah – I forgot. When I woke her up yesterday morning, she was happy as a clam… with her pink crocs on.


My ebay account was frozen because I had an unpaid bill. A bill for something that didn’t sell! I don’t think that’s right, do you? I didn’t sell it, but you’re still going to charge me for it? Huummmmmph…


I need to get my new camera out and take some pictures of the girls. I just scrolled through the last week of posts and didn’t see hardly any pictures… sorry Daddy!


Speaking of my Dad, he has to have surgery next week on his back. He’s got a disc problem and after the surgery, he’ll walk out of the hospital in no pain. General anesthesia + cutting open his back = walking out of the hospital? Anyway, after he gets home, he can’t do anything but lie flat on his back… for about a month! He can stand to use the bathroom or take a shower or walk in the kitchen to get a cup of coffee or to bother Anne, but no sitting. Only lying flat on his back or standing for very short periods of time. Sorry Anne… I wish we lived closer so I could help.

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I’m working on this huge project at work right now (actually RIGHT NOW – I should be working at this moment) and it stinks! I had an early meeting yesterday and had to get to the office at 7 to get ready for that 9am meeting. I worked until almost 6 last night (11 hours – for those of you who can’t count) and came in at 7 again this morning for a follow-up meeting at 10:30. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! My poor kids – I know they’ll survive, but Abby cried this morning when she woke up (a bit early) and I was leaving the house.

“I don’t like Daddy getting me ready – I don’t want you to leave – Mommy, you left me yesterday too”.

Really made me feel good. Well, hopefully this will be DONE today and I can leave a bit early. I’m working on finalizing the new style and design for a big selling product for us (can’t tell you what it is: anti-blogging clause at work) which means, packaging, POP (“Point of Purchase” advertisement that goes on the product) and a guide/cookbook thing that gets packed-in. The guide is the big deal here… this is a new design (that I came up with) and if it gets approved – BIG DEAL for me.

Anyway, here I am – at work again.

Oh, we had BUNKO last night (I didn’t win anything) and I stopped by the liquor store on the way to get some refreshment. I’m really into trying new/different beers right now and I got one that I absolutely ADORED! I’m not stealing Shannie’s thunder because she’s started rating a new beer every Friday (promise I’m not copying you, Shan – I just really loved this beer).

You have to go try it. It’s really mild with a bit of a sweet undertone. I bet it’d be nice with BBQ…

edited: I just found out that everything I’ve been coming to work early for (for the past few days) and working long hours for – It’s all going to have to change… BEFORE TUESDAY!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s raise our glasses to “working all weekend”! Hip Hip – Hooray!

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I’ve been tagged! I’m so excited – it’s my first time ever! I think I’m going to cry… I’d like to thank the Academy…

Amanda over at “Things that make me go hmmmmmmm” tagged me for 7 random things and I (in turn) have to tag 7 other blogs. Here are the rules:

1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog.
2. Share seven facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird.
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs.
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

So here it goes….

1. my shoes RARELY live in my closet – they live wherever they land when I walk in the door each evening. It’s a bad habit (I KNOW) but I can’t help it. I NEVER have shoes on – at work, under my desk, in the yard! I flick off my shoes as soon as I walk in the door in the evenings. It’s actually an artform – seeing how far you can “flick” your shoes. An artform I have skillfully mastered.

2. I have the world’s oldest fish. Not really, but he is old – 8.5 years old to be exact. In 1999, the year we got engaged, Patrick bought me a fishtank (and several fish) for my birthday. One of the fish was a tiny little angel fish. Many (many) fish have come and gone, but the angel fish has withstood them all. He’s so mean – he usually chases the other fish to death. We have resolved ourselves to only having 1 fish in our HUGE tank until “death do us part” (the fish’ death, that is). He’s HUGE too… almost 8″ long! I googled them one day and it said they could live 15 years. Here’s to many more years of happiness, fella.

3. I sleep with a teddy bear. There, I said it! I tuck him up under my chin at night. When I was about 10, “Santa” had hidden him in the laundry room where my backpack lived each night. The next morning I went in there to get my backpack and FOUND him (he was supposed to be a surprise)… I was devastated – but he was instantly my favorite toy. Bear went to college with me and I have not slept many nights without him. He now only has 3 legs and when that devastation happened, I thought Abby was going to cry – Mommy’s bear was HURT! When our new maid first started cleaning our house, I’d find him all over the place – toy boxes, in the crib, on Abby’s bed… but she’s finally figured out that “BEAR” is mine. LOL!

4. I went to a private school (uniforms and all). I was such a good girl in High School… cheerleader, yearbook staff, good grades, good friends – Patrick makes fun of me and calls me a goody goody. I can’t help it and I’m proud of it too! As all kids do, I had a few “wild” years (in college), but I put that past me and I guess I’m a goody goody again. Don’t get me wrong, I still know how to have a good time and can party like it’s 1999. Oh wait, I guess I’m getting old… Anyway, life is too short to have friends that bring you down! Call me a goody goody if you want – I like who I am!

5. Patrick and I are on a mission to get all particle board out of the house! Ha, ha, ha… We finally got rid of our laminate-wood computer desk and got a real wood one that we refinished. We’ve only got a few pieces left, but most of them are in the playroom (where it’s understandable to have fake-wood). I told you I’m a snob.

6. I LOVE butter. I seriously can eat it right out of the fridge. In fact (I can’t believe I’m about to tell ANYONE this) When I’m using butter in my recipes, I always cut the hunk a tad bit too big so I can shave off a little sliver with the knife – for a snack for myself. Mmmm… there’s nothing better than a creamy little slice of buttery-heaven. Ice cold salted sweet cream butter. Yummie!

7. I buy baby food. Not for my baby, but for myself. I don’t buy the nasty peas and carrots or worse – nasty creamed spinach… I buy the fruits like apple/cherry and mango applesauce. They’re so yummy and at only 50-60 calories per little container, they’re a PERFECT substitute to a pack of candy:  when you need a sweet pick-me-up. Everyone at work thinks I’m weird too… go ahead and laugh – but don’t make fun of it until you’ve tried it!

My randomness is now over! I must say that was a TOTAL mixed-bag… a whole lot of useless information! I’m going to share the love to these 7 blogging buddies (even if they don’t know me). Trust me – I read your blog religiously! Go check them out…

1. Shannie at Where’s my Freakin’ Mind

2. Amy at Angry Chicken (she probably doesn’t know I exist… but I LOVE her blog and her book)

3. Sasha at Barely Keeping it All Together

4. Rebecca at JandCandMe (fellow BH Mama)

5. Shannon at What’s for Lunch at Our House (another fellow BH Mama)

6. Molly at MommyCoddle (another one who probably doesn’t know who I am… but I LOVE reading about her family and art projects)

7. Phil at My Kids Family (a new internet friend of mine and the only dad I’ve tagged)

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Abby: Mommy, Ashton said something nasty at daycare today

Me: Really? What’d she say?
~can you detect the sarcasm here?

Abby: She said the “B” word and then threatened us.

Me: No way. Not the “B” word! How did she threaten you?
~still speaking with a bit of sarcasm… I’m thinking she’s not talking about the REALLY bad “B” word

Abby: She said the REALLY bad “B” word and then told us she’s kill us!

Me: What “B” word did she say?
~damn! ok, now I’m thinking she’s talking about THAT “B” word…

Abby: I’ll get in trouble if I tell you…

Me: Ok, if you don’t want to tell me… that’s ok – Mommy understands.
~I knew this would get her.

Abby: So, if I tell you – will I get in trouble?

Me: No Abby, you won’t get in trouble… Mommy wants to know!
~I’m bracing myself for the worse here…

Abby: She said, “BUTT”

Me: snicker snicker… snort…

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there is the most amazing lunar eclipse going on right now! Go outside and look! Seriously… I haven’t seen one like this in years! Hell, until this year you couldn’t even see the moon from our house. Now that we have no trees – we’ve got a great view of the sky. Thanks to the tornado…
photo courtesy of http://www.keralatips.org

I googled that picture. Aint it purty? Here’s the one I took.

Yeah, not so much…

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Cuz than she says.I wuz like huh?

And than da popo’s came.

and they were like huh?

Than we waz all like huh?

call me crazy, but isn’t that the funniest thing you’ve read in a long time! I almost peed myself today when I saw that one.

Thank you Bargain Hunters, Thank You for making my day at work more enjoyable!

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