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autographs galore…

I forgot to tell you about Abby’s autograph book. Remember the one I made for her before our Disney trip? Well, all the characters loved it and she got TONS of signatures!






JoJo (from JoJo’s Circus)


Rafiki (Lion King)

Belle (Beauty and the Beast)


Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora)

Ariel (Little Mermaid)

Snow White





Princess Jasmine


the Geanie






Jiminy Cricket

Flik (from A Bugs Life)

Chip & Dale

Baloo Bear

I must say that she is quite proud of her book.


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Disney Day #1… CHECK!

Preface: I can’t get the photo insert function to work right now, so I’ll see if I can get that fixed and upload the corresponding pictures sometime tomorrow. I’m writing this at about 11pm and everyone else is already asleep (I’m sitting on the floor so the light doesn’t bother anyone).

Finally home and pictures are successfully added!

Our Disney vacation has officially begun! We started the day at MGM Studios (now called Hollywood Studios) and the day started off with a bang – we got 5 character autographs right off the bat! Donald was first, then came Minnie. Jo-Jo was next and then we came across Pluto and Goofy! Abby was insanely excited and Mae wanted NOTHING to do with them! The guys went to the Tower of Terror while Becky and I took the kids to the Beauty And The Beast show. My girls LOVED it and sat through the whole (broadway style) show without barely even blinking! Cuties. Next we decided to try the Animal Kingdom b/c we heard the had an awesome parade. Man – we made it just in time and got front row seats. I must say that their parade is GREAT! Stilt-walkers, all the characters, safari jeeps, drums… it was really cool.

The best “deal” in the parks is the stroller rental. I’ll never take another stroller to Disney again. It’s quite expensive for a double stroller ($31 per day), but we rented it for the length of our stay and a 4 kids can actually ride in it. The best part? We don’t have to figure out how to get it on the busses… and we pick up a new one at each park. SWEET!

We had been telling Mae all along that she was a big girl now and that she needed to give her passy to Mickey. Well, as scared to death of him as she was, we saw him at the Animal Kingdom and would you guess it? She actually handed him her passy! She said, “Mae no need it anymore”! Sniff** I’m really having a rougher time of it than she is!

That brings us to the end of our first day at Walt Disney World. We’ve been to Downtown Disney, MGM/Hollywood Studios and the Animal Kingdom. Tomorrow is the Magic Kingdom and it’s sure to be a definite crowd pleaser. Mickey ears for everyone!

Did I mention that we are traveling with a bunch of rednecks – as if you could get more “redneck” than Patrick? I’m kidding (not really)… Speaking of rednecks, did I tell you what Abby’s favorite activity was so far? Jumping from bed-to-bed in the hotel room.

Mae? Her favorite “ride” is the bus to-and-from the hotel. Who’s the redneck now…

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Yes, finally! I’m done! I’ve been working on these autograph scrapbooks for Abby and her friend Katie to take with us to Disney World next month and I’m finally done! I’m not going to show you all the pages because you’d get bored… there are just way too many. I’ve already shown you the first few I did, but here is a picture of the cover and a few other inside pages. Notice Abby’s has an “a” and Katie’s has a “k” on the cover. Too cute!


This last page is my personal favorite. It says “Disney – where dreams come true” and has a cute little pocket with a few extra blank autograph tags in it… it’s the perfect place to store extra Disney memories (maps, napkins, etc).

I can’t wait!

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Here are the first few pages of the 2 Disney autograph books I’m making. I’m really liking how they’re turning out. I can see how scrap-booking can be highly addicting… these books are all I’ve been thinking about lately. I think I’m going to have 2 very happy little girls…

inside cover

Mickey’s page

Minnie’s page

Donald and Daisy…

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